Women’s Organizations

National and Regional Organizations

1896: National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs
1910:  National Association of University Women
1927: The Girl Friends, Inc.
1928: The Moles, Inc.
1930: The Northeasterners, Inc.
1934: The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.
1938: Jack & Jill of America, Inc.
1946: Chums, Inc.
1946: The Links, Inc.
1948: National Delicados, Inc.
1948: Twigs, Inc.
1951: The Charmettes, Inc.
1954: The Drifters, Inc.
1955: Les Gemmes, Inc.
1956: Continental Societies, Inc.
1956:  TWINKS Social and Civic Club, Inc.
1957: Las Amigas, Inc.
1958: The Pierians, Inc.
1964: Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.
1970: National Coalition of 100 Black Women
1975: National Women of Achievement, Inc.
1975: CARATS, Inc.
1983: The Society, Inc.
2012: The Society of Femmes, Inc.
2015: The Paragon Society

National Smart Set, Inc.

Local Organizations of Note

1906: The Du Bois Circle (Baltimore, MD)
1932: The Philomathians (Baltimore, MD)
1940: Egelloc Civic and Social Club (Miami, FL)
The Sedarmocs Club (Washington, DC)