Professional Fraternities and Sororities


1990: Lambda Phi Lambda Fine Arts Fraternity
2002: Tau Rho Beta Society
2005: Nu Rho Sigma Eta Beta Mu Fine Arts Fraternity
2007: Delta Omicron Omega Performing Arts Fraternity
2010: Gamma Xi Phi


1945: Alpha Chi Pi Omega Fraternity and Sorority
2017: Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sorority & Fraternity of Illinois


1929: Iota Phi Lambda Sorority
1937: Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority
1942: Tau Gamma Delta Sorority
1942: Eta Phi Beta Sorority
1943: Gamma Phi Delta Sorority
1945: Beta Pi Sigma Sorority


2000: Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity
2008: Delta Iota Mu Professional Dance Fraternity
2009: Phi Iota Phi Dance Fraternity


1923: National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa
1963:  Alpha Gamma Pi Sorority


1916: Tau Delta Sigma Fraternity
1920:  Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority


2009: Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority

Medical/Health Care

1913: Chi Delta Mu Fraternity
1921: Cusp and Crown Fraternity
1922: Rho Psi Phi Sorority
1930: Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority
1932: Chi Eta Phi Sorority
1991: Delta Phi Sigma Sorority
2006: Kappa Psi Psi Healthcare Sorority
2014: Delta Mu Chi Fraternity


2000: Sigma Phi Psi Military Sorority
2011: Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority
2013: Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity
2014: Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority
2015: Sigma Alpha Gamma Military Fraternity
2016: Delta Omicron Alpha Military Sorority
2016: Rho Upsilon Tau Military Sorority
2016: Theta Nu Psi Military Fraternity
2017: Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity
2017: Psi Delta Tau Military Fraternity
2017: Mu Phi Psi Military Fraternity and Sorority
2017: Lambda Beta Alpha Military Sorority
2017: Iota Gamma Psi Military Sorority
2018: Omega Xi Omega Military Fraternity

Mortuary Science

1942: Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity


1985: Epsilon Gamma Iota
2000: Eta Kappa Tau Engineering and Technology Fraternity


With gratitude to Jeronica Byrd for her research assistance.